About Us

  • To establish itself as a reliable and secure Indonesian coal producer to ensure good quality control practice providing certainty & confidence to customers.
  • To initially acquire and develop small (1Mtpa) Indonesian coal projects to establish early cash flow to support the exploration program.
  • To build a balanced portfolio of coal assets ranging from near production to large scale exploration ( funding of large projects will be via future capital raising ).
  • To maintain a constant policy of researching and reviewing projects to maximize exposure at a reasonable cost.

Board Of Director

Mr. Herry Tousa

President Director

  • 25 years experience nickel & coal mining and trading
  • Chairman of Nickel Indonesian Association

Mr. Tae Kyun Kim

Vice President Director

  • Mining Consultant
  • PT. Anugerah Batualam Inderstri Commisioner
  • PT. Asia Vision Network President Director
  • PT. Equater B & D President Director

Mr. T.M. Nurlif

Financial Director

  • Chamber of Himpunan Pengusaha Muda Indonesia (HIPMI)
  • Head of DPP Angkatan Muda Pembaharuan Indonesia

Mr. Dirc Richard


  • Comercial and Finance
  • Banking & Financial Institution experts

Mr. Herry Heryadi

Operation Director

  • Exploration, Mining, Operation and Project Development